Alunni Alberto

Artigianato-Artigianato Artistico-Artista, un evoluzione naturale durata circa 20 anni con il ferro come compagno.

I was born and raised in Nice, France, in 1967.

I moved to Italy to study as a veterinarian, but my creative streak has taken over, leading me to take a completely different path.

Now I live in Pietralunga, in a characteristic stone house, which merges with the beauty of nature surrounding.

On the ground floor of the cottage, I created my laboratory which also extends to the outdoors, merging with nature.

Inside, between stones and woods of all types and sizes, and all the material that the territory gives me, I create my works, inspired by the sounds, smells, colors that surround me, incorporating all these elements to an eternal material such as iron.

I believe that every place has a special “Genius Loci” that makes it sacred.

Every creature, every place, every stone is pervaded by a vital spirit that animates it and makes it unique; stopping to observe and listen, is a first step to understand its essence and love and protect the territory.

Places call, evoke, chase us and when they want, they know how to be discovered even intimately; If we succeed in grasping this voice and being able to interpret, we truly accomplish a creative miracle.

My motto is “Don’t ask for an easier life, ask to be stronger”.

Today you can find my works exhibited in the beautiful town of Montone in my showroom located in the main course, where through my creations I want to sensitize people to have more respect for what it surrounds them, acquiring places such as value, wealth, tradition, origins, but also potential relationships between individuals and communities.

The showroom can be visited preferably by reservation.